Watch Waterproof Tester Detector Tool Watch Case Resistant 6 ATM 2 Watches

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Description : This watch waterproof tester is used for testing the water resistance of the watch cases. The cylinder is transparent, so it is convenient for you to observe which part of the watch is not waterproof. (You can test two watches at one time.) Specification : Capacity: 2 watches Material: Aluminium Maximum test height: 72 mm Maximum test width: 65 mm External Pressure interface: 6 N Pressure test range: 0.3 - 6 bar Cylinder maximum pressure: 10 bar Cylinder external diameter: 80 mm Cylinder inside diameter: 65 mm Cylinder height: 140 mm Weight: 3.4 kg Dimensions: 240 mm x 145 mm x 275 mm How to Use the Machine 1.Fill the cylinder with water up to the indicated level. It is preferable to use distilled water in order to avoid limy deposit. 2.Hang the watch on the hook. 3.Replace the lid and screw it tight by means of the 2 nuts 4.Using the lever raise the pressure to 3 atmospheres (requirement according to the official standard of the Swiss watch industry) and wait for 3 minutes to allow air to enter the watch 5.Immerse the watch and immediately allow the air to escape by pressing the knob While the pressure is falling, observe the watch:if little air bubbles escape from the case, it is obvious that sealing is bad at the point of escape.In this case, lift the watch out of the water. Package includeds : 1 x Watch Waterproof Tester Details pictures :

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