MD3010II Professional Metal Detector Undeground Gold Digger with LCD Display

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Description : MD3010II Professional Metal Detector Undeground Gold Digger Treasure Hunter with LCD Display Features : Fully Automatic and All Metal Detectors - Detects all kinds of metal objects. Unless you have set for some objects that you don not want to detect. LCD - The LCD with light, it improve to identify the metal in night or caliginous outside. Target Identity - The detected objects are shown on the LCD display. You can decide immediately if the objects worth to be recovered. Unwanted Target Elimination - You can set the detector not to respond to some objects. Unique Tone for Target - You don not have to keep watching the LCD display, when an object is being detected, an unique tone corresponding to a target will generate. You may even searching when there is little or no light. No Clumsy Slack Cable - hidden search coil cable(connecting between control unit and search coil)avoid entangling and for ease of stem length adjustment. Headphone Jack - provided for headphone connection. Both stereo or mono headphone can be used. Volume Control - for adjusting the output volume to the loud speaker or headphone. Batteries Condition Indicator - shows the conditions of the batteries in the battery compartment. Waterproof Search Coil - lets you use the detector in the shallow water. Adjustable Stem - lets you adjust the detector length for comfortable use. The micro - plug that connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal which makes the plug more reliable. Armrest&stem - designed to eliminate strain on foream. The nylon bracket to further secure the slip of the hand compartment after long time holding the detector by arm. Power - Use six 1. 5 - volt AA alkaline batteries. Specification : 1. Battery : 6 pieces 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries 2. Operating current : standby 65ma/ max 150ma 3. Operating voltage range : 7.2 - 9.6V 4. Operating prequency : 7.5khz +/-1khz 5. Sensitivity : min 8 inch (test coin : US50) 6 Audio frequency : 294hz(re) 330hz(me) 349hz(fa) 392hz(so) 440hz(la) 494hz(ti) 523hz(do) 7. Temperature range : -20-60 8. Size : 540mm(l) x 345mm(w) x 150mm(h) 9. Net weight : 1. 1kg Package includes : 1 x MD3010II Professional Undeground Metal Detector 1 x User Manual 1 x Full Accessories Set As Following Pictures Show Details pictures :

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