Gloves Double Green Swirl Laser Gloves 523nm Built-in Battery 1mw/5mw

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Specification: Product name: Gloves Double Green Swirl Laser Gloves Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic Power supply: Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Charging time: 2-3 hours Wave Length Range: 2*532nm Wave Length: 2*532nm Output: 3.7v Light Distance: 5000-8000m Power: 1-200mw Shape: Module Shaped Light color: Green Swirl Laser Pointer Operation Voltage(V): DC3.0-3.7V Working Temperature (degree): 15-+35 Watt: 1mw/5mw Control mode: TWO Button(one button controlling the beam ON and OFF,another button controlling the Rotation of beam) Weight: 118g(Net Weight) Color: Black Dimension: 13cm*10cm*6.5cm Features: 1.2 green tubes produced whirlpool effect by the rotation of the motor. 2 Switch positions next to the thumb easy to control the rotation. 3 Built-in lithium battery, can be charged directly. 4 Can be freely installed in the shoulder, performers can peiform freely. Package included: 1 x Gloves Double Green Swirl Laser Gloves 1 x Charger

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