0.001g x 30g Digital Jewelry Pocket Scale Gram Precise Weighing

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Features: 6 different weighing modes "Tare" button weigh items in a container the tare button will subtract the container weight from the total reading Spacious weighing platform Backlit LCD screen 3 minute auto power off saves battery life Low battery alarm Cover and pouch protect scales when not in use Specification: Maximum weight: 30g/0.001g, 1.0582oz/0.0001oz, 150.00ct/0.005ct, 0.9645ozt/0.0001ozt, 19.29dwt/0.001dwt, 462.975gn/0.001gn Display: 5 digit blue backlit LCD Auto power off: 3 minutes Operating temperature: 5 - 35C Scale dimensions: 9 x 10 x 3cm (3.5 x 4 x 1.2 ") Screen dimensions: 3.2 x 2.2cm (1.2 x 0.5 ") Weighing platform diameter: 2cm (0.7") Powered by: 2X AAA batteries (not included) Unit conversion: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn Color of back light: blue (optional) Bubble level Operation: Install battery"AAA"x2.Put the scale on a vibrationless, calm, no electromagnetic interference and solid plat surface. 1. Turn on the scale. Press [ON] for 2 seconds until 0.000 appears. 2. Weighing.Put the article on the scale's salver. You can read the data when "o" appears on top left corner. 3. Unit conversion. Press [MODE] to change weighing unit. 4. Tare. Press [TARE] for Re-zero. 5. Turn off the scale. Press [OFF] to turn off the scale. Calibration: [Note:to ensure weighing accuracy, please calibrate the scale before each use.] 1. Turn on the scale by pressing[ON] for 2 seconds until 0.000 appears. 2. Press and hold [ON] again for 5 seconds until "0" appears, then release it. 3. Put the 20g weight on the scale. About 3 seconds later, the weighing data stop blinking,and the weight is displayed. Calibration is successfully. Caution: 1. Please make the calibration steps as the user manual. Once you step to error programs, the scale can not work properly any more. 2. Put the scale on a vibrationless, calm, no electromagnetic interference, solid plat surface. keep the scale out of your mobile over 50cm. 3. Do not overload. Once overloading, the scale display "FULL". 4. Do not impact the scale salver.To avoid damage the load cell. 5. When "o" appears up, you can read the weighing data. 6. When "Lo" is display, please replace the batteries.Working temperature is 5~35. To ensure accuracy of this equipment, allow the scale to remain at a constant temperature for at least 30 minutes before use. Then do the calibration. 7. To avoid future malfunctions, do not dismantle this product. Please store carefully. Package Content: 1 x 30g x 0.001g Digital Portable Jewelry Scale

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