6mm Motorbike Super Sturdy Wheel Disc Lock with Alarm C

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Description: It is a revolutionary locking alarm system that provides the unltmate security for motorcycles. Chrome surface as seen in the picture. Motion sensor with 5 seconds delay. Tamper proof battery door ,Alarm will automaticlly reset itself. Alert motorcycle disc lock alarm 6mm locking pins to secure a full 360 degrees 120 db alarm. Dimensions:3.4"x2.3"x1.25" The alarm sounds when a cable is cut or battery door is tampered with ldsf or unit is moved for 5 seconds. Usage: When you press the key lock hole,the lock pole can only lock the first step,in this way it is only developing the lock's effect ,but not giving an alarm. If it is necessary to install the alarm ,please use to key to twist the key core as to make the lock pole lock the second step, 30 seconds later ,it will develop the lock's effect ,and also it will develop the alarming function. If replace the battery ,first ,please pull out the lock with the battery symbol,then takes out the lap and the battery ,you can replace the battery in this way. Package Included: 1 x alarm disc lock & batteries & 2 keys

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