2pcs 10g Cockroach Pesticide Control Gel 10pcs Insecticide Chalk Roaches Pest Killer Magic Pen

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Description : 2pcs 10g Cockroach Pesticide Control Gel 10pcs Insecticide Chalk Roaches Pest Killer Magic Pen Both the Cockroach Pesticide Control Gel and the Cockroach Killer Magic Pen are non-toxic, non-pollution, non-irritation. The gel can attract roaches to feed, then the roaches will been infected by virus and died. The pen can kill the roaches through disturbing the insect's nervous system when it touching the power with any part of its body. Both of them are more safety that you can rest assured to use it in your family. Powerful effect, keep your family with out the trouble of cockroach. More convenient to use, more sanitary. Package Includes : 2 x 10g Cockroaches Control Gel Syring 5 x Packs of Pest Bug Cockroach Killer (Each pack contain 2 chalks, total 10 quantity comes) Detail Pictures : Specification : Name : Cockroach Pesticide Control Gel Applicable Area : <20 square meters State : Gel Time Used : 480 Hours Feature : Eco-Friendly Pest Control Type : Pesticide Fragrance : Faint Scent Pest Type : Cockroaches Color : off-white Net weight : 10g / pcs Name : Cockroach Killer Magic Pen Amount : 10pcs Feature : Eco-Friendly Pest Type : Cockroaches Use Method : Cockroach Pesticide Control Gel No need any machine, you just press lightly biokiller in the shelters where roaches appear frequently, such as gaps,corners,holes, ect. Place one spot every other 30-45cm, and the size of every sport is just like a mung bean. Supply the bait gel after 5-7days, and the dosage is 30% of the first application dosage, to kill roaches thoroughly. Cockroach Killer Magic Pen 1. The chalk is more effective to use at Night. Draw several lines on the place, which the insect used to take around. The insect will be killed when they touches the powder of the chalk. 2. Draw two or three circles around the feet of the food cabinet, the bait for the insects or the garbage pile. 3. The chalk may be cut into several pieces before using. In drawing the lines, try to leave more powder on it so as to acquire better result. Note : The pen is safe for adult or children and pet, but would be better not let your children or pet to play it. For a better cleaning purpose, suggest don't use it with hand directly, in a paper cover it or wear a glove will be great, and please also wash your hand after use :) Keep the pesticide gel away from your children and pets in case of their mistaken eating.

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